Lighthouse Baptist Church (LBC) was established on August 15, 1999 in Macon, Georgia. Meetings began at the Porter Ellis Community Center, and soon after, regular services were moved to the Church of the Nazarene where they would be held for the next two years.

In July of 2001, we were blessed to purchase sixteen beautiful acres of pasture land at 4770 Sardis Church Road in south Bibb County. By November, we broke ground on a building to house the church while we met in tents on the property. With much hard work from contractor and volunteer alike, we completed the new building and began regular services there on January 5th, 2003 in the house that God built.

Since then we have seen many changes, just as a family changes and flourishes as it grows - all to the glory of God!  But one thing never changes: LBC strives to be a lighthouse to hurting families and singles by providing qualified leaders who serve and teach God's principles. We provide a loving, accepting and life changing environment for our community.