Student Ministry

Find a cool looking ROCK?

Bring your new found treasure and visit us at church this week!

Show it in the coffee shop for a free cup of joe.  Then go place it somewhere that someone else will find it!

These little gems are hidden all over town, so be creative and pick a nice place to lay down your burden!

We have a blast in Youth Group!!!

     We get together every Wednesday night at 6pm - which is like the main Student Ministry event. We worship together, pray together, study together and play together!  

     On Sunday nights at 6pm, we have a more laid back gathering, where we'll hang out and chat for a while with snacks sometimes, have a quick prayer time or devo, and then play a crazy game, like...  I dunno -- Jello Wrestling?  Does that sound fun, or WHAT!?

     Then, several times a year, we'll do something big!  Like summer camp, or a mission trip, or a concert...  You know, whatever comes up!

     Anyway, the goal of the Student Ministry here is to REACH the middle and high school students of LBC and the surrounding area, ENGAGE them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and help DEVELOP them into college-ready young people through discipleship. We plan to do that by creating safe, friendly, fun environments that young people want to come to, and where God can bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to grow His kingdom!

     Come on! It'll be fun!

     If you have any questions, call or email !