Giving online

At Lighthouse Baptist Church we believe that God calls us all as believers to support the local church with our time, our talents and our tithe.  It is an act of sacrificial worship, and (although we do not promote a "prosperity gospel") God promises to bless our giving.

Giving online is now easier than ever!

Our new preferred giving platform, called SubSplash Giving, is now active.
If you are already set up for giving with the EasyTithe platform, you may continue to do so -
however, we are asking that you begin to switch over to SubSplash.

 We have chosen to migrate to this platform to save the church money
and streamline your online LBC giving experience! 

See section below for the EasyTithe giving link.

Click the link below to log into your current EasyTithe giving account.  If you do not have a current EasyTithe account, we ask that you begin using the SubSplash giving platform in the section above.

We will eventually migrate indefinitely to SubSplash online giving, but don't worry - we're in no rush!